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Shanghai Gusong Construction & Development Co., Ltd.

The Company is mainly engaged in municipal engineering, environmental protection program, municipal pipeline engineering design, technical consulting, housing construction, construction and maintenance of municipal public works, water and electricity installation, manufacturing and sales precast concrete components, installation and construction of steel structures, and so on.
With a registered capital of RMB 20,000,000, the Company has got several qualifications, including Second-Grade General Contracting Qualification for Housing Construction, Third-Grade Professional Contracting Qualification for Building Decoration Engineering, Third-Grade Professional Contracting Qualification for Ground and Foundation Engineering, and Third-Grade General Contracting for Municipal Public Engineering etc.
The Company adheres to the service principle of "Emphasizing on Credit, Serving the Public". The rigorous quality management system plays a decisive role in the survival and development of the Company under increasingly fierce market competition. Since its establishment, the Company has insisted on the management concept of "sincerity and integrity". With an aim to realize "mutual benefit, multi win and common development", the Company endeavors to create a cooperative atmosphere of mutual trust,mutual benefit, harmony and inclusiveness, so as to realize a harmonious and transparent product supply chain.

Address: No. 57 Gusong Road, Hudang Township, Songjiang District, Shanghai, China
Tel: 021-57752470
Fax: 021-57838364

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