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Shanghai Tiansili Financial Consulting Co., Ltd.

Shanghai Tiansili Financial Consulting Co., Ltd. is a professional consulting company that provides accounting & taxation consultation, bookkeeping services, investment laws & policies consultation, enterprise establishment, registration amendment services and so on to foreign enterprises, especially Japanese enterprises.
The company has a team of experienced accounting and investment professionals that can speak fluent Japanese or English when providing services for foreign enterprise clients. Moreover, we also provide professional bookkeeping, enterprises establishment and registration amendment services, which will relieve you from tedious affairs, and make it possible for you to concentrate on your own work with higher added value.
Supported by Shanghai Tiansili Investment Co., Ltd., the parent company, and by cooperating with a number of other subsidiaries under the parent company, such as advertising companies, human resource companies, trading companies, land development companies, commercial district development companies, construction engineering companies, indoor decoration companies, education training companies, and so on, Tiansili Financial Consulting is able to provide comprehensive and professional services by using various resources and advantages.
The Company also joins hands with external accounting firms and legal firms to provide best solutions for customers in the fields of financial management, foreign exchange, import & export business, labor service, tax avoidance, legal and policy consulting and so on.
Bookkeeping services, financial consulting services
Accounting and taxation consulting services
Accounting audit, annual inspection services
Establishment of foreign enterprises and representative offices
Consulting services in relation to business, legal affairs, labor force and foreign exchange
Foreigner visa services
Chinese-Japanese/Japanese interpretation and translation services

Address: 22F, East Building, Macrolink Mansion, No. 755 Central Huaihai Road, Huangpu District, Shanghai, China.
Postcode: 200020
Tel: 021-64318135
Fax: 021-64319663
E-mail: xuan@tiansili.com
Contact: Mr. Xuan
Mobile: 13817974328