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Circulation Volume 80,000 copies per month in Shanghai;
48,000 coies per month in Beijing;
and 60,000 copies per month in Guangzhou
Release Area Shanghai, Beijing and Guangzhou

Monthly Japanese Magazine
of Comprehensive Information

Circulation Volume 55,000 copies in Shanghai, 40,000 copies in Beijing, 30,000 copies in Guangdong, 12,000 copies in Tianjin, 15,000 copies in Jiangsu, and 25,000 copies in Dalian.
Release Area Shanghai, Beijing, Guangdong, Tianjin, Jiangsu and Dalian.

Weekly Japanese Magazine
of Entertainment Information

Circulation Volume 120,000 copies per month
Release Area Shanghai

Japanese Business Newspaper

Circulation Volume Twice a month. 140,000 copies per month.
Release Area East China Region

Japanese Business Magazine

Circulation Volume 140,000 copies per month
Release Area East China Region