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Tiansili Group is named as "GTM" for short, which is consisted of the initial letters of "G" in Group, "T" in Tiansili and Tianyicheng, and "M" in Manbu.

GTM also has the meaning of being a "Global Top Media". It is our aim to become a top media that connects the world to be a family. As for integration of international business, the corporate strategy of the Group is "Global Transaction, Trade and Media".

As the world around us is ever changing, a company shall include different cultures, carry out business activities on an international scale, and embrace the new era of continuous innovation and reform.
The modern society is in need of "a global innovative leader that can cross culture and cross border".
By effectively integrating the resources (e.g. talents, businesses, connections, funds and technical information) of Tiansili, Tianyicheng and Manbu, and through the concerted efforts of both Chinese and Japanese employees, the Group company will develop to be a model one that conducts international operation.

This is our corporate philosophy.

1) In the domain of free Japanese newspapers in China, we will become a No. 1 with an overwhelming advantage. Free Japanese newspapers are distributed worldwide. In the future, we will include these enterprises into the career network that centers on us.

2) Initiate the business of free Chinese newspapers. We will participate in large-scale activities like Formula One. We will involve in various international activities held in Shanghai, including Sino-Japanese cultural exchanges like Japanese Week, Japan Consumer show and so on. We will further expand the international influence of GTM in international activities.

3) Meet the challenges of new media. We will take the initiative to develop website construction, social media, and smart-phone applications.

4) Carry out investment and advisory businesses, which include:
(1) Offering supports for Japanese enterprises that enter China.
(2) Offering supports for Chinese enterprises that enter Japan.
(3)Based on the overseas business models that are applied and expanded in China, where there is an appropriate business opportunity in the financial or service industry, we shall actively join in.