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Shanghai Tiansili Investment Co., Ltd. is mainly engaged in industry investing & financing and investment management. The Company stays to be market-oriented, innovation-motivated and brand-centered. By means of capital operation, the Company has always been committed to building itself to be a diversified, large-scale and professional investment company that is well equipped with a good sense of social responsibility, leading management, quality service, high efficiency, international competitiveness & influences, and sustainable development.
The Company carries out businesses like real estate investment, architecture & property management, print media, domestic & international trade, financial consulting, human resources, education and so on. We have always been adhering to the corporate ideas of "cooperation, share and win-win", as well as the management principles of "customer first, good faith management, standardized management, and coordinated development". By establishing a series of standard investment operation procedures and complete risk control systems, the Company has formed a sound management style.
With a development history of over ten years, the Company has been implementing the management spirits of "being human-concerned, building reputable teams, and creating successful work". Supported by the management resources of the superior investment company, and thanks to the cooperative efforts made by its management teams and employees, each subordinate holding company has formed its core competitiveness in the respective industry, and meanwhile achieved gratifying management results. Moreover, a professional management team with "professionalism, specialization, elitism and refinement" has also been built. This has created a significant human resource highland for the sustainable development of the Company.
All employees of the Company have been adhering to the professional ethics of "serving customers, creating values, providing conveniences". They are working hard to contribute quality goods and convenient services to both the market and the customers.
Based on the successful experience we have already accumulated, the Company will further explore the new trends of the investment market, continue to create innovative investment ideas and modes, and finally satisfy the new demands of the market that is with shorter and shorter change cycles. During this process, the Company will also strive to improve its operation principles and management models, so as to create greater value for shareholders, customers and employees, and finally realize the social value of the Company itself.