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On replica relojes December 28, 2012, Shanghai Tiansili Investment CO.,Ltd, Shanghai Media Manbu Co., Ltd and Shanghai Tianyicheng Co., Ltd, together with their respective branches, gathered at Banquet Hall of Sports Hotel Shanghai, and held a grand Year-end Party there. With over 200 participants on the evening, the Party left everyone a happy memory.

At the beginning of the Party, Mr. Guo, President of Shanghai Tiansili Investment CO.,Ltd, delivered a speech, and announced the coalition of Shanghai Tiansili Investment Co., Ltd., Shanghai Media Manbu Co., Ltd and Shanghai Tianyicheng Co., Ltd as a group. The coalition group is named "GTM" for short, which symbolizes a win-win cooperation between the member companies that strive to be a world's leading media company altogether.

Mr. Xu, President of eastday.com, also attended the Party, and gave a passionate speech. President Xu spoke and expected highly of GTM, which greatly inspired and encouraged each employee from GTM.

This was followed by the speeches made by GTM's senior managers, i.e. An Yong, General Manager of Shanghai Media Manbu Co., Ltd; Pian Gang, Executive Management of Shanghai Tianyicheng Co., Ltd, and Zhou Zhaozhong, Vice President of Shanghai Media Manbu Co., Ltd. They all look forward to a better tomorrow of the new Group incorporated by the three companies concerned, and expressed their firm resolutions to lead all the employees for a great cause, a big success and a new era for career development in 2013. Speeches from the leadership injected new motives for all the employees present to move forward.

At the dinner party, there were also a number of shows created by the employees as well as many interactive programs performed by different employee groups. Applauses and cheers were heard everywhere at the Party, and the Year-end Party was pushed to a new high. Employees were cheerfully enjoying the pleasure and happiness brought by the big family of GTM. The Party made everyone forget the toils and pains in last year. Meanwhile, happy laughters and cheerful voices also gave employees great courage to embrace the coming new year.

When everyone was thinking about something more to say, the Year-end Party came to an end. omega speedmaster replica
GTM, here begins the new journey of 2013.